Pantaenius Sea Transportation Insurance

Most yachts set course for their destination under their own steam, but the number of those opting for a lift is growing more and more.

If you choose to transport your vessel, thorough planning must take place. As loading in particular can be an inherently dangerous task, it is important to consider appropriate risks solutions for the transport of your yacht. It is essential that the boat be moored appropriately, placed securely in its cradle, the radar mast must be lowered, or, if it is a sailing yacht, the mast laid. 
Sailing and motor yachts are at risk during transport on board a freighter or container ship and adequate transport insurance, such as Pantaenius Sea Transport Insurance, is recommended.

Pantaenius Sea Transport Insurance

Pantaenius Sea Transport Insurance covers risks including the dangers involved with loading and unloading; this all-risk cover also includes salvage and wreck removal costs and insurance protection against political risks such as war, strike and terrorism.

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