War, Strike and Confiscation Insurance

Worldwide tension and political turmoil has increased markedly and the threat of civil disturbances and wars is ever present; war, strike and confiscation insurance is an effective means of safeguarding your valuable asset.

Damages resulting from events of a political nature are not covered by Yacht Hull Insurance policies. Because of this, Pantaenius advises that yacht owners, who regularly find themselves in troubled areas, add a special insurance rider to their marine hull insurance policies to cover the risk of war, strike and confiscation.

Pantaenius Confiscation Strike and War Insurance for Yachts

Coverage extends to loss or damage to your yacht in the event of:

  • Civil disturbances
  • Arbitrary confiscation by the authorities of foreign countries
  • Acts of political violence and terrorism
  • War-like incidents, civil war, and war

For more information regarding our marine insurance products, especially the Pantaenius War, Strike and Confiscation Insurance, please contact our sales team.