Secure winter storage – some pros and cons

November 08, 2016

As yacht owners are thinking about winterisation and asking themselves which is the best storage option, here is a quick guide with some of the pros and cons of indoor, outdoor and in-water storage.

Indoor storage


  • Good protection against adverse weather conditions
  • Easy access to carry out works on the Yacht
  • Electrical supply easily available


  • Most expensive winter storage Option
  • Close proximity to other vessels (i.e. fire risk)
  • More common in northern countries

Outdoor storage 


  • Considerably less expensive than indoor storage
  • Option to access the yacht or carry out works outside of the indoor facility business hours
  • Better options for extinguishing possible fires


  • Exposure to adverse weather conditions
  • Increased risk of theft and damage
  • More complicated to get electrical supply to Yacht

Left in the water (most common in Spain) 


  • No inconvenience moving the vessel around
  • Yacht can be used at any time


  • Exposure to weather conditions and saltwater-related wear and tear
  • More difficult to carry out maintenance works.

Here are some tips to help reduce the risk of theft and arson:

  • An outdoor storage facility should be fenced in
  • Lighting and night time security offer additional protection
  • If the boat spends the winter on a trailer, either take the wheels off the trailer or put it up on blocks
  • Take home valuables which are not secured to the boat
  • The cabin should be kept locked, otherwise burglaries are not covered.

Whichever winter storage option you choose – your Pantaenius yacht hull insurance offers you comprehensive cover all year round.